August 29, 2013

Project description

These are the guidelines given by our supervisor:
The results should have the following:
1- Describe all results obtained using graphs, figures, and tables.
2- Tables, scans photographs, graphs, etc.. should be clear. All axes should be labelled appropriately and measurement units stated. Symbols should be clear and discriminable from one another. Error bars should always be added to graphs.
3- Each figure should have a legend and should be referred to in the text, near to the point where it is mentioned. Check that the text flows well if the graphs were removed.
4- Do not discuss results in relation to others work, this must come under discussion.
5- Ensure the research question has been answered.
6- Some studies may have a different nature and information should be adapted accordingly.
7- Report appropriate statistical methods used to analyse data, PLEASE USE SPSS VERSION 17.0

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